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BFC Special Event

One-Day Coaching in Paradise

November 29th 8 6 Slots Available

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Mastermind Event

Beyond First Class Mastermind Event

December 3rd to 7th at Sandals Resort Bahamas

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Beyond First Class: One Event Will Change Your Life Forever

Dear Friend,

You know the things that you need to do to achieve personal success, but may often sabotage yourself or lose your drive and no longer follow through on your goals.

Do you ever wonder how to break through your self-imposed barriers to success?

One of the fastest ways to transform your life is to hang out with people who are where you want to be. And willing to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Nothing beats personal observation and individual attention — one-on-one, spending face-to-face time with a Mentor. I know the value of having a Mentor. As a teenager, I was fortunate to be mentored by two Millionaires and later a Billionaire.

Nothing beats personal observation and individual attention — one-on-one, spending face-to-face time with a Mentor. I know the value of having a Mentor. As a teenager, I was fortunate to be mentored by two Millionaires and later a Billionaire.

I don’t claim to be book-smart or educated at some well-known university or tutored by some guru. My techniques, strategies and programs go beyond the pump-up rah-rah scenario and into the mind.

I draw from my failures and successes in a way that you can easily relate and learn from. And they impact all areas of your life, not just your career or business.

Listen to what Brenda and Scott Schuler, 7-Figure Earners, have to say about this experience when they joined me on the private exclusive island getaway known as the Berry Islands…

What Our Customers Are Saying

Paula Peterson

Sherry Cox

Lynn Richey

Paul Schulz

Helen Shaw

Yvette Flores

I have been all over the USA, and on the major networks, spreading my life-changing message

And I was recently featured on one of Oprah’s shows, the Nate Berkus Show™. In fact, NBC alone has spent over a million dollars producing my TV segments. I believe if you’re willing to spend a million dollars producing my work, I’ve probably got something of value to offer you.

“Why I Created This Program!”

I’ve learned and developed critical strategies that can easily be replicated to create substantial breakthroughs in the way you view, operate and experience your life.

Working together, we’ll make these concepts, tactics and tools live and work in your life — they will become part of your DNA.

This Program May Be For You if You . . .

  • Learn how to totally restructure your life to have more time and passion to do more of what you love and what’s most important to you
  • Are inspirationally dissatisfied—you want real passion back into your business
  • Want to create something extraordinary
  • Want to create a legacy
  • Are open-minded and willing to change your beliefs, habits and behaviors
  • Want to create a company that can last 100 years or longer
  • Want to take your business to the next level, and want to work ON your business in addition to working IN your business
  • Aren’t satisfied with just making a profit, but want to make a lasting difference and contribution—and still make big profits
  • Are frustrated with the rate of your business growth
  • Are determined to break through to a new level of prosperity
  • Are determined to create breakthroughs in your industry and know the value of building a solid foundation in order to support those breakthroughs
  • Run a successful organization but are no longer satisfied with where you are

And we all know…

“You Have To Walk The Walk!”

There’s no point aiming for the stars, while hanging out in a dusty, old hotel by a noisy airport somewhere exciting, like Milford, New Jersey, or Junction City, Kansas… I am sure they are great places, but I can think of a few other places I would like to see first.

That’s why I host our event together somewhere warm, exotic and unforgettable!

And if you had a chance to be backstage at a Nationally televised talk show, would that not open doors?

What Our Customers Are Saying

Brenda Schuler

Paul and Malia

Melissa Elia

Malia Schabel

Isa O’Hara

Scott Schuler

“So Here’s What I’m Offering To Fast-Acting Superstars Only!”

When you spend this time with me, you actually get a life-changing experience. We will spend time together on a number of adventures, that we will plan especially for you. And during these times together, we will have opportunities to develop strategies and master the tools and ability to excel consistently in all areas of your life.

Now you can understand that I don’t take a lot of people on these trips. You get my personal attention. So spots are very limited to only a few selected people per event.

Why so few? The jet or other aircraft I’ll personally fly you on only has a limited amount of seats…

When I consult with corporations these days, they invest $15,000 for only an hour or so of my time to train their team… And are delighted in the results they receive in increased morale, sales, and profits.

“The Biggest Misconception About Success”

Most people think they have to work their way to success. You know what I’m talking about — Climbing the corporate ladder, paying your dues, working for free before you can charge what you really deserve, holding your tongue as your boss takes all the credit, etc. Or perhaps what you need to work on to be successful, happy, and confident is upstairs… in your head. Controlling your emotions. Dealing with negative self-talk. Learning to handle the difficult personalities that surround you and demand your time. That may feel like an impossible task… But you know what? It’s not true at all. In fact, the fastest way to become a high-paid success in your field, isn’t to “work” your way up through the competition at all. Nor is the quickest way to emotional health, spending years in Psychotherapy… It’s a heck of a lot easier than that. Malcom Gladwell, best-selling author of Outliers and Blink, continuously reminds me that genius is not the only or even the most important thing when determining a person’s success. “No one — not rock stars, not professional athletes, not software billionaires, and not even geniuses — ever makes it alone,” says Malcom.

“No One Ever Makes It Alone!”

And the brutal truth is: “You won’t either.” That’s why I set up my Beyond First Class program to be: you, me and a few selected other clients.
We’ll Mastermind, Brainstorm and achieve Greatness. You can come and spend time with me as part of a group, but to get the most out of Beyond First Class, you have to bring your team along. We get everyone on the same page, pulling in the same direction. Then Look Out World! But it won’t cost you $35,000 as companies would have to pay me. It won’t even cost… well, you know I could put a whole pile of numbers here and cross them out, until I get to the point. But each event is different depending on the exotic island we choose to fly to or stay and other included activities. Now I know you may not want to get your group together for the first time. You may want to “Dip your toe in”. Check it out. I understand. Some of my best clients started out that way. And after they experienced Beyond First Class for the first time, they came back with their Key Players. So I have a special offer for individuals who want to go Beyond First Class:
But – YOUR INVESTMENT – alone won’t get you in the door.

Everyone who comes, passes a test. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt, nor is it long. But in order to come we have to talk first. This ensures that we are all in the right mind space. And that we connect. Sometimes, we may not and rather than waste your time and mind, it is better to wish each other all the best and move on. So for – YOUR INVESTMENT -, you get an entire event for days with me, plus amazing adventures, all while breaking through your barriers to success in whatever area you need to work on… Business, Personal, Emotional, or getting the renters out of your head… I’m thrilled to offer you this incredible opportunity to go Beyond First Class -Mastermind Event -with me. But I’m even more excited to tell you that reserving your spot -for the next Beyond First Class Mastermind Event -is more affordable than you’d ever expect.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Angela Seagren

Jim Schaben

Tom Walker

BFC Experience

Jeff Darwish

Jim Collins

“If You’re Serious… Here’s What You Need To Do Right Away! “

To reserve your spot at our “Beyond First Class” event, you need to take action quickly. There are limited placements and they will definitely not last long.

I’m not trying to put pressure on you… I’m just trying to make it extremely clear that this offer is very limited. So you need to act fast. Because once these spots are gone, you will have missed out … and who knows how long you’ll have to wait for this opportunity to come around again. Now is the time to get started creating your extraordinary life…


P.S. You’ve heard people say “there are no guarantees in life or business.” Well I disagree… I can guarantee you one thing: If you keep doing what is bringing you pain and suffering, failure and disappointment, you’ll keep getting it. Spend some time with me in an amazing environment creating an extraordinary life. You won’t regret it!

To reserve your spot at our “Beyond First Class Mastermind Event” event, you need to take action quickly. There are limited placements and they will definitely not last long.

“Customized Events”

I also customize my mastermind events for those who want to bring a team entirely from their organization or company so that everyone who gets to come the same individualized training from me and everyone will be on the same page of growth toward their goals and success.

After you click the bottom below you have the opportunity to let me know if this is something you are more interested as well.

You’ll be glad you did…